No matter if you’re buying or selling, having the right real estate agent can make all of the difference in how smoothly and successfully the transaction goes, as well as getting you top value for your property sale.

Ray White Mangere offers an experienced team of property specialists who know the local market intimately. As locals themselves, you can trust them to take excellent care in representing both you and your property.


Mangere is an incredible city that’s ideal for families of all ages, offering beautiful parks and playgrounds, newly improved bikeways and walkways, Te Pane-o-Mataoho (Mangere Mountain), which is being renovated, 20 minutes from the city center as well as businesses, places of worship and two universities – making Mangere an amazing place for growing families!

Experienced real estate agents can assist in your search for a suitable home or apartment, negotiate the best price possible for it and offer invaluable advice throughout the selling process. With decades of training, education and knowledge at their disposal they will likely help sell it faster and for more money than less experienced agents could.

Experienced, dedicated real estate agents in Mangere will strive to meet your individual needs, providing tailored advice that exceeds expectations.

They will meet regularly with you and answer any queries or offer guidance during every stage of the home buying or selling process, while offering tips to increase curb appeal and prepare it for sale.

Ray White Mangere is an award-winning real estate agency serving the Mangere area. Their diverse team of professionals specialize in numerous areas of residential property such as Mangere Central, Favona, Mangere Bridge Middlemore & East; these agents live nearby and love what they do and are always there to assist people! This is the case of Pat Lapalapa, which you can contact at:


Reputation is of vital importance to any business, enabling companies to attract customers and sell products successfully. Conversely, having a poor one can result in failure and impact relationships between nations negatively.

Real estate agents with impeccable credentials can help you sell your home for top dollar. Their vast network allows them to connect with buyers from throughout the area and they provide numerous services such as negotiating a price, showing your home to potential buyers, and finding tenants for renters.

Mangere residents themselves, they know the area intimately, as they grew up there and are active members of their local community. Their passion lies with this part of Mangere as well as with providing outstanding client care services.

Mangere’s best real estate agents boast strong reputations and can assist in selling your home. Their expertise can guide you through the entire process, and offer tips to increase its resale value and enhance its resale price. In addition, these agents are trusted and efficient – always available around the clock to answer questions about property listings or answer queries from clients about how best to market their properties – ultimately it is up to you alone to choose your agent of choice!


Mangere’s ideal real estate agent should be an area expert who is committed to providing top-quality service and cares about people just as much. A great agent should be able to answer your queries about the area and market, help find you your perfect home, and offer guidance once it’s yours.

Real estate agents who excel at their craft are adept at maintaining an extensive network of buyers and keeping up with market shifts, meaning that they will bring in suitable prospects and divide the sale with you – helping to achieve maximum sale prices for your house.

Your agent’s commission could vary based on the contract type you select; generally speaking it ranges between 0.75 per cent to 3 per cent (+VAT) of the agreed sale price, and this figure should be discussed between client and agent prior to entering an agreement. There may also be exceptions.

Some estate agents provide sliding scale commission rates, whereby they take a percentage of the sale price as their commission and then adjust accordingly if the property takes longer to sell. This allows clients to negotiate fees and get the best possible deal.

Ask your chosen agent about their fee structure as an indicator of their work ethic. Some online estate agents charge upfront fees which could become non-refundable should a sale not come through; this may prove costly in the end.

Not only can an agent help sell your home, they’ll be able to advise on finding tenants and collecting rent as well as carrying out maintenance and conducting rent reviews to reduce stress when managing an investment property. This can make owning one less of an effort!

Mangere is a diverse city, so the best real estate agents should be able to relate. They will discuss each neighborhood in detail before providing guidance as to which ones best suit your needs. Furthermore, they can assist in both the buying and selling processes, providing any documentation that might be required along the way.


One of the cornerstones of excellence for any great real estate agent is communication. This includes being able to explain complex ideas in an understandable and entertaining manner to different types of audiences from adults to children alike.

Mangere real estate agents can be invaluable resources in helping you navigate the complexities of purchasing and selling residential or commercial property, as well as providing information about local schools, parks, playgrounds and amenities – as well as exploring what you can do to enhance your lifestyle or increase home values.

An outstanding real estate agent can save you both money and time when purchasing or selling property, while offering advice on green building techniques, energy-efficient home upgrades, smart technologies, etc. In Mangere, it would likely be best to choose one who has been recognized by previous clients with excellent track records of success – this person should offer many different real estate offices to choose from as well as inside information on what’s available near your neighbourhood, plus assist in finding you an amazing property to buy or sell!